Activities and philosophy

I offer interim management, advisory board membership and strategy consultancy. I am a digital transition specialist with two decades of digital experience. My goal is to contribute to growth. Helping organizations adapt to change, helping teams to grow and increasing the bottom line result are the things that energize me.

Digital innovation changes behaviour of people, both consumers and people inside organizations. I translate these changes into opportunities for companies to realise their goals. Then we adapt the internal organization to the external opportunity. The underlying principle is always a sustainable, long term strategy.

My priorities as a leader are to connect people to vision, to manage change by putting clear processes in place and finally to invest in human capital by building and developing great teams. I believe that attention for personal growth and reducing ambiguity and managing change are key to delivering great business results.

My personality is passionate, driven, and creative. Change makes me happy. I am an accomplished writer and speaker. I can connect and communicate with audiences from board room to server room.

International Network
I have built up a personal network of executives in many markets in Europe as well as North America. If international business expansion is part of your long term strategy, I can help unlock markets and opportunities abroad for you.

In 20 years in the Technology, Media and Telecoms sector I have built up deep knowledge of digital strategy, technology and business models. I have a proven track record in fast-paced, data-driven environments.

I am used to working by defining and achieving clear KPIs. I have delivered results by helping revenues grow, reducing costs, designing new product-market combinations, growing loyalty, finding new audiences, reducing churn and delivering marketing ROI.

I’m here to help. If you think I can add value for you, let me know!